Positive, Science-Based Training

This bundle is perfect for those of you who love learning and having a blast with your dog! Even though you've mastered the basics, there's still so many skills and games to learn with your dog. If you have a dog with excess energy and a brain that never stops working, this bundle is geared towards providing them with the stimulation and enrichment they need to feel fulfilled.

Each of these courses are developed by our team of certified, experienced, and trusted dog trainers and behavior specialists, many of whom actively compete in dog sports!

Summit Dog Training Student Community

While online learning is a phenomenal service that has allowed us to support dogs and their people around the world, there is one crucial element it doesn't include - community and direct support. To meet this need, when you purchase this bundle you will be invited to join our Summit Dog Training Student Community FaceBook Group! This is a space for you to ask training, behavior, and welfare questions, share your successes, and express your thoughts & emotions about your dog. And of course, share pictures and videos of your best friend! Watch the video below to learn more about this community we're so lucky to serve!

Take a peak into our virtual community!