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Brewery Manners classes are a fun way to get Level 1 students reengaged in advanced training with their dogs! This Class Instructor course takes you through all of the steps necessary to teach a great brewery manners training class - from finding a good brewery location, marketing the class to ideal students, teaching four fun-packed weeks of class, and following up with great continuing education options for your brewery manners students. Graduates of this course are be licensed to use the Drink With Your Dog™ course curriculum and brand, and evaluate dogs for their official Drink With Your Dog™ Titles!

Tuition Includes:

  • Education course on everything you need to know about teaching the Drink With Your Dog™ Brewery Manners Group Dog Training Classes.

  • 1 Year License to use the DWYD™ brand, including logo, promotional materials, class curriculum & more! License can be renewed annually.

  • Ability to evaluate dogs + dog owners for their Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Titles.

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group for collaboration, learning, and on-going support with other DWYD™ class instructors.

  • LOTS OF FUN. We Promise.


  • How long does the course take to complete?

    About 5-6 hours. The combined length of the video lessons is about 4 hours, and the remaining time is what we estimate it will take for the reading & survey sections.

  • What is the structure of the course?

    This course will be self-study, utilizing a combination of video & text lectures. After enrolling in the course, you will have access to the course curriculum on a drip schedule - new content coming available every few days - until the completion of the course. You can ask questions and dialogue with other trainers in the DWYD Class Instructors Facebook group. You can work through the course at your own pace, and will have access to the course for 180 days after enrollment - but we encourage you to complete it sooner to earn your Certified DWYD Class Instructor status!

  • Why become a DWYD™ instructor? Why not write my own brewery manners curriculum?

    You certainly could! There's nothing stopping you from creating your own brewery manners course and putting it out there without using the Drink With Your Dog™ name. However, we hope you'll find value in joining the Drink With Your Dog™ Project in several ways. First, in light of recent regulatory shifts around the country regarding dogs in breweries, we hope that by uniting our brewery efforts, we can be a more effective and powerful voice for keeping dogs in breweries. Together, we are stronger than if we were each doing our own thing. Second, this course includes so much more than just teaching you how to teach certain skills to your dog training students. We also include discussions about managing client experience, marketing your classes, how to connect with breweries, a free presentation you can give to build interest in this type of class in your community, and more. Third, graduates of this course, as Certified DWYD Class Instructors, are able to conduct evaluations for the Drink With Your Dog™ Brewery Titles. These titles are a fun way to incentivize and reward your students for putting in the hard work with their dogs, and these title evaluations are another service you can market and monetize.

  • What if I don't want to teach my brewery manners class exactly like the DWYD™ curriculum?

    That's totally fine! We're not here to tell you exactly what you have to teach - but rather to provide you with a framework that has worked well for us so that you don't have to completely reinvent the wheel. If you come up with something that works better, we'd love to hear about it! In any good dog training class, the curriculum is always evolving to best meet the needs of the students, and our DWYD™ curriculum is no different.

  • Is your course just for "positive" dog trainers?

    Of course not! While we do utilize reward-based training as the foundation of our curriculum, we believe that there is room for trainers of all backgrounds as part of this project. The only restriction we place on training tool use pertains to the title evaluations.

  • How long does the certification last after I complete the course?

    Certified DWYD™ Class Instructors are licensed to use the DWYD™ curriculum and brand for one year. There is a small annual fee to stay certified after the first year.

  • Are there CEUs for this class?

    Yes! Our course has been approved for 4 CEUs for CPDT. KPA will honor these CEUs as well.

Course Instructor

I love helping people and their dogs have great adventures together. I have been training dogs since the age of 10, and teaching others how to train their dogs since the age of 13. Needless to say, it's a long burning passion of mine that's not going away any time soon. When I'm not teaching about dogs online or in person, you'll find me hiking with my best four-legged hiking buddy in the lovely mountains of Colorado.


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