Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Loose Leash Walking

    • A Message from Your Instructor

    • How This Course Works

    • Join the Facebook Group!

    • Get Additional Support!

    • Podcasts, Books, and More!

  • 02

    Resource Library

    • Handouts, Podcasts, Books, and More!

    • Our Favorite Training Gear!

    • Marker Training Basics

    • Protocol For Relaxation

    • Loose Leash Walking Class Handout

  • 03

    Training Basics

    • Marker Training Basics Overview

    • Marker Training Basics FAQs

    • Different Types of Markers & Rewards

    • Marker Mechanics

    • Capturing, Shaping, Luring

    • Adding a Cue

  • 04

    Week 1

    • Let's Get Ready To Walk

    • What is Loose Leash Walking?

    • Leash Walking Equipment

    • Leash Handling

    • Long Line Walks for Leash Walking

    • Warm Up & Review: Ping Pong Game & Name Game

    • Hand Targets for Leash Walking

    • Swing Into Heel Position

    • Game: Follow Me / Waltzing With Your Dog

    • Look at That

    • Real Life Rewards for Leash Walking

    • Practice Time!

  • 05

    Week 2

    • Warm Up & Review - Whiplash Turn

    • Attention Turns - Outside & Inside Circles

    • Game: Figure 8 Circles

    • Walking Straight - Super Bowls & Connect The Dots

    • "Leave It" For Leash Walking

    • Leash Walking Defensive Handling - Body Blocking for Leave It

    • Game: Leash Walking Obstacle Course

    • Practice Time!

  • 06

    Week 3

    • Warm Up & Review - Settle on a Mat

    • Settle & Movement

    • Changing Pace

    • Stop & Sit By Your Side - for Curb Self-Control & Polite Greetings

    • Passing Other Dogs

    • Directed Circling for Hard Scenarios

  • 07

    Week 4

    • Warm Up & Review

    • Cafe Training

    • Paws Up

    • Passing Other Dogs - Part 2

    • Predation Substitution - Backtracking Game

    • Troubleshooting: Find The Right Side for Heel Position

    • Putting It All Together With Distractions

    • Bonus Lesson: Leash Walking with 2+ Dogs

  • 08

    Class Wrap-Up

    • Thanks for joining us!

    • Class Is Over, But The Adventure Is Not!

    • We LOVE Great Reviews


  • How old does my dog need to be to take this class?

    There is no age limit, but we recommend that you finish a Basics class first! For that reason, we say that this class is ideal for dogs 6 months of age and up, but if you have a younger pup and are ready to build on your Basics foundations, go for it!

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You'll have access to the course for one year from your enrollment date.

  • What if I have questions as I'm working through the course?

    We have a private Facebook group just for students of our online classes. You can post videos and ask questions there!

  • How long does it take to get through the course?

    It takes a minimum of 4 weeks, as new content is released to you every 7 days. Many of our students take more than one calendar week on certain course weeks of content. It's up to you how fast you and your dog move through the material!