About the Webinar

We all want to go off-leash with our dogs! The off-leash life can be fun, exciting, and allow us to do all sorts of fun adventures with our dogs. But off-leash reliability isn’t something that [most dogs] are born with, and is something we work very hard to train & achieve with our adventure buddies! This webinar will go over many of the aspects of training the perfect off-leash skills for your dog, using positive reinforcement training. This webinar includes discussion, video examples, and Q & A with the live webinar participants.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Off-Leash Hiking Prep

    • Part 1 - Introduction & Logistics for Your Adventure (30 Minutes)

    • Part 2 - Human Skills (27 Minutes)

    • Part 3.1 - Teaching Great Off-Leash Skills

    • Part 3.2 - Teaching Great Off-Leash Skills

    • Part 4 - Responding to Mistakes

    • Resources Mentioned