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We’ve been there - you have a pup who doesn’t want to eat and this causes lots of training & mealtime hiccups! The good news is that eating CAN be taught, just like any other behavior! Join Amber & special guest Charissa for this special topic - Amber & Charissa both have young dogs who didn't start out loving to eat during mealtime or training sessions, so they have lots of tips and tricks to share on turning “picky” pups into eating machines! This includes general eating & feeding principles, eating for training, eating for meals, and eating for food puzzles. Webinar is 1 Hour 56 Minutes in length and includes discussion, video examples, and Q & A with the live webinar participants.

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    Teaching Your "Picky" Pup to Eat - Webinar Recording

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    • Part 2 (1 Hour)

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