About the Webinar

Resource guarding in puppies can be a baffling & frustrating problem for new puppy parents. What do you do when your puppy won’t give you the delicious bone or the sock that they stole from your foot? Jamie, Amber’s puppy, has demonstrated resource guarding behaviors throughout his development. Now, at almost 1.5 years of age, he is much better at relinquishing his resources when asked. This webinar will explore the steps that Amber implemented to help Jamie work through his resource guarding. Webinar is 2 Hours in length and includes discussion, video examples, and Q & A with the live webinar participants.

Course curriculum

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    Puppy Resource Guarding: Jameson Case Study - Webinar Recording

    • Part 1 (45 Minutes)

    • Part 2 (1 Hour 9 Minutes)

    • Part 3 (14 Minutes)

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