Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Rockin' Recalls & Solid Stays

    • A Message from Your Instructor

    • How This Course Works

    • Join the Facebook Group!

  • 02

    Training Basics

    • Marker Training Basics Overview

    • Marker Training Basics FAQs

    • Different Types of Markers & Rewards

    • Marker Mechanics

    • Capturing, Shaping, Luring

    • Adding a Cue

  • 03

    Week 1

    • Welcome to Week 1!

    • Envision Your Ideal Off-Leash Walk With Your Dog

    • Let's Talk Equipment!

    • Warm Up & Review: Ping Pong Game & Name Game

    • Come as a Magic Word

    • When to Use Your Recall Word

    • The Recall Behavior Chain

    • Teaching the Hand Target

    • Foundations for a Rock Solid Stay

    • Building Duration

    • Stay Cues

    • Station Stays

    • Introduce Easy Distractions Early

    • Look at That

    • Week 1 Review

  • 04

    Week 2

    • Welcome to Week 2!

    • Warm Up: Offered Check-Ins Game!

    • Long-Line Handling

    • Expanding Your Recall Cue

    • How To Handle Recall Mistakes

    • Stay: Adding Distractions

    • How To Handle Stay Mistakes

    • End of Recall Behavior: Cooperative Collar Grabs

    • Week 2 Review

  • 05

    Week 3

    • Welcome to Week 3!

    • Warm Up: Real Life Rewards

    • Using Real Life Rewards to Build Recall & Stay Skills

    • Stay: Adding Distance

    • Removing Active Engagement From Your Stay

    • Stay: Moving Behind Your Dog or Out of Sight

    • Recalling Off Distractions

    • Change of Behavior for Recall

    • Week 3 Review

  • 06

    Week 4

    • Welcome to Week 4!

    • Warm Up: Treats In The Bowl

    • End of Recall Behavior: Sit and Wait

    • Predation Substitution - Backtracking game

    • Advanced Training Set-Ups for Stay

    • Advanced Training Set-Ups for Recall

    • Week 4 Review

  • 07

    Class Wrap-Up

    • Thank You For Joining Us!

    • Class Is Over, But The Adventure Is Not!

    • We LOVE Great Reviews!

Your Class Instructor

Benah got her start in dog training through the sport of agility in 2012 - she fell in love with the sport and never looked back! Agility has inspired Benah to understand the intricacies of canine behavior and communication, with a specific focus on relationship building and R+ training methods. Benah loves nothing more than helping her clients experience a more fun and engaged relationship with their dogs, and loves watching teams develop more effective methods of communication. Benah lives in Chatham, NY, with her Border Collies and cat.

Benah Stiewing CPDT-KA

Summit Associate Trainer


  • How old does my dog need to be to take this class?

    There is no age limit, but we do recommend that you finish a Basics class first! For that reason, we say that this is ideal for dogs 6 months of age and up, but if you have a younger pup and are ready to build on your Basics foundations, go for it!

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You'll have access to the course for one year from your enrollment date.

  • What if I have questions as I'm working through the course?

    We have a private Facebook group just for students of our online classes. You can post videos and ask questions there!

  • How long does it take to get through the course?

    It takes a minimum of 4 weeks, as new content is released to you every 7 days. Many of our students take more than one calendar week on certain course weeks of content. It's up to you how fast you and your dog move through the material!