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How do you take a dog training class online?!

We know you are wondering. . .

  • Watch the videos for each lesson. This will include some lecture and demonstration videos from your instructor.

  • Read the supplemental text instructions included with most lessons. Whatever your preferred learning medium, we've got you covered!

  • Check out the extra resources we include (podcasts, graphics, bonus videos, handouts, recommended reading lists, etc.) to round out your learning.

  • Get out there and practice with your dog! We're available to answer questions on our Virtual Classroom facebook group or via email.


  • Are the courses self-study?

    YEP! Go at your own pace! The course content is available on a drip schedule, meaning that new content will become available for you to work on every 7 days. This is to make sure you aren't overwhelmed with multiple weeks of content at once, and have time to work on each set of skills with your dog before moving on to the next lessons.

  • If I've already taken in-person classes, will I still get something out of these online classes?

    We bet you will! There are classes of multiple levels included in the virtual classroom, so even if you and your dog have the basics down, there will be some fun advanced content just for you!

  • How long will I have access to the courses?

    As long as you want! The virtual classroom is subscription based. You pay monthly, and can cancel at any time. So if you want to do one course or several, you have that flexibility.

  • What’s the difference between the Virtual Classroom & a la carte pricing?

    The a la carte price (i.e. $200) gives you access to that one course for one year from purchase.  The $40/month price gives you access to all of the courses currently available on the Summit Virtual Classroom. You can do one at a time or start multiple at once depending on your interest.  The course material is released weekly based on your start date of each course. For example, if you were planning on taking one 4 week course and doing it consistently over a month using the virtual classroom subscription, you would pay for one month’s subscription of $40. For the subscription pricing, you continue to have access to the courses as long as you choose to stay enrolled in the classroom subscription. If you are planning on just doing one course and you want to spread that one course content out over several months (more than 2), you might benefit from the a la carte pricing so that you have access to the course for a whole year at the fixed price.  But if you are planning on work on multiple courses and work through the content at close to the pace that we release new content to you (weekly), and you want to do multiple of our courses either simultaneously or back to back, then the subscription option is definitely the better deal! 

  • If I have never done any training with my dog, will I be confused?

    Not at all! We have Level 1 class content for both puppies and older dogs to start you off at the beginning. This content includes a lot of videos for you to watch and learn from.

  • What if I have questions about the content?

    We have our Summit Dog Training Virtual Classroom Facebook group just for you! All of the course instructors are admins on this group and can answer questions and give training feedback when you post there. In addition, we are available to help via email, and if you get really stuck, virtual private lessons.

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